Marion Cornett

About the Author

A few years back, I became interested in the local history for the small town we currently live in.  While doing extensive research to publish two books -- "The Fowlerville Chronicles" and "Through the Eyes of a Country Editor" -- I was especially intrigued with the years from about 1918 (beginning of Prohibition) to 1935, which included the beginning of the Great Depression.

When I came across a true story article in the newspaper of liquor draining out the back end of a low-riding sedan, filled with over 100 quarts of bootleg gin, a story began to take shape.  "Juniper and Anise" came alive!

A second companion novel, "Tilly Loves Johnny" is now in its final stages of production, to be published by Wild Rose Press.  It is a murder/mystery with all new characters and situations, yet set in the same small village and era.  I call it a companion novel for the reason that isn't necessary to have read "Juniper and Anise" to read this book, but it will make it all that much more interesting.

A third novel is also in the works and I'll keep you posted on it.